Politician arrested Over the dead body of the lady Found below the Bed In Delta State building (photos)

Politician arrested Over the dead body

The Delta State Police Command has 3 suspects in remission, referring to a girl’s rotten remains found under the bed of a Sapele house.

The lady known as Abina patriarch was found dead earlier this month at the Ebis building in Sapele’s Amukpe room. Her father is Delta State’s African country and wife.

Command spokesman, DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, U.N. agency confirmed the arrest to newsmen but did not reveal the suspect’s name, he said;

“We got him via his phone number which took the U.S.A. to wherever we appeared to understand him and from there we brought him back to Delta,” said Onovwakpoyeya.

“The office is currently serving the U.S.A. with an investigation into unraveling the facts behind the accident. We prefer to arrest him at the Sapele Space Command and move the case to Asaba (State Police Command) once we’re in deep trouble, “he added.

The accused official, an employee of the United Nations allegedly light-emitting diode, was half-tracked and nabbed in Abuja by police operatives from Sapele Space Command to detain two alternative suspects from an African country.

The trio are reportedly under Sapele Command’s control, while it is suspected that further rigorous investigation will be carried out on aircraft.

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