Onitsha market trader reportedly poses as another trader whose shop was hit by the fire for online help

An market trader known as Smart Onyema has been named on social media for allegedly posing as one of the traders affected by Onitsha’s recent fire incident for online help.

user, who called him out revealed that his shop was not affected by the fire incident but claimed to be one of the victims of the fire incident after some kind-hearted Nigerians who saw his pictures in one of the affected shops moved to help him out financially.


She wrote;

I stopped writing on this so I wouldn’t be mistaken, but I think it’s very important now that the shop’s real owner has decided to speak up and people question him somehow.

The first and second photo below has become viral, and it’s really frustrating that someone says what isn’t theirs.

I saw a handful of beautiful sincere Nigerians quietly asking for his touch and promising to give him a gift.

Let me say that.

1. The man below, I know him as “Smart” (I don’t know his nickname or other names, but he bears Smart Onyema from his Facebook page) Smart is what we know and call him in the place where we all own shops.

2. Smart is my customer (because we sell in cartons while he sells in pairs and bundles of 6 and AL, and I know him personally. 3. His shop is located at All Saints Plaza Ochanja. 4. We sell Chinese rubber wear at All Saints Plaza… I’ll post a sample in the comment section. Only one style of slippers and sandals is sold in that place (you can go there to confirm). Nobody sells fancy slippers in that plaza in the first photo below.

5. There’s a burnt shop outside the square. From the photo, you can see it.

6. TWO DIFFERENT SHOPS 7 are the markets. For this photo, the Smart shop posed does not belong to him!
Look at the second picture behind the tower, it’s the square where Smart owns a store. The flame has not entered this particular square, which means the shop of Smart has not burned.

8. I’m not sure who owns the unburnt shop in the first photo, I’m still going to confirm but the burnt shop in the second picture belongs to Oluka Dominic, that shop is between Uche’s shop (the guy in red in the third picture that went viral and another man named Nwoke? cha). The row includes other men, but their shops have not been identified.

Now, it has become difficult for Oluka Dominic to assert his shop and probably get help, because even before he knew it, Smart was smart enough to pose and take pictures in his shop and went ahead to get the help that he didn’t need.
Like these guys, he didn’t lose his wares.

A Facebook post has been released by Oluka Dominic (the real owner of the burnt shop), but a lot is caught in between who to believe.

If anyone would like more information about this post, please contact me! Or go to Ochanja and inquire for a spot for All Saints to try this out.

I fully support helping these people get better but against anyone who uses their misery to raise money when they’re left to fall into depression.
It’s bad enough they’ve lost their hard-earned money, no one should add to their misery.

Let’s denounce the poor biko!
Help me share this with you.
Daalu: Daalu

Ps: I had to colour off some portion of the 3rd picture because people are starting to misinterpret why I included it and confuse Smart for Uche (who really owns the store in front of him) # NwaanyiNeni

trader who lied that his shop was burnt

onisha trader

second onisha trader

Also supporting the claims made, Oluka Dominic, the alleged owner of the burnt store, wrote;

It’s going to be very bad for me if I don’t clear the air, I’ve received a series of calls that one Smart Onyema believed that his standing in front of him belongs to the burnt store, as this has defrauded peeps.
The before and after shop are two separate stores, the after shop that is the burned shop is mine, and I don’t want to be part of anybody’s questionable pool of money to try and support the shop’s owner.

Sure, I was heavily affected by the onitsha fire break, but I know I’m going to grow again because my faith is in God. Do not encourage anyone to cheat, check and verify online before helping anyone online.

I’m going to get up again.


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