Juliet Ibrahim joins Toke Makinwa in shutting down the post of Snoop Dogg, encouraging women to stay with men until they get better

also joined in responding to a post posted by that seems to encourage women through the good and the bad to stick with partners.

It all started with Snoop Dogg sharing a post about Keyshia Ka’oir sticking with when he went to prison, when he cheated on her, when he was on drugs, when he was overweight, and when he was on a spiraling downward.

In 2017, after eight years of dating, Gucci had cleaned up his act and eventually married Keyshia.

The post continued to condemn other women who wouldn’t stick through this but after a couple of fights will be on to the next guy.

Snoop’s post had Gucci Mane’s reaction.

“Yessir my wife’s secret weapon,” he responded.

But Toke Makinwa, who recounted in her book how she stayed with her ex-husband who she said she was cheating on her, gave her STDs and impregnated another woman, denounced the post of Snoop Dogg.

She said it’s a myth that destroys many women’s lives. She went on to ask how many people are advised to stay with a woman who has done all the things that Gucci has done to Keyshia.

Snoop Dogg’s argument was also slammed by Juliet Ibrahim, whose marriage also ended, after which her husband started making derogatory comments about her in public.

Juliet asked people to work on themselves and “stop promoting violence and bad behavior” while asking their friends to cope with and stick with all that.

She added: “I’m going to stay alone in enduring any kind of disrespect from any person in this world… before I meet someone whose mother brought him upright and wasn’t taught that cheating is a” normal thing “I’m going to stay alone and enjoy living my best life while loving myself right.”

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