I raped my daughters in order to test my manhood.

I raped my daughters in order to test my manhood.

One of Obot Ideng’s Joseph Sunday, in Akwa Ibom State’s local government area of Ibesikpo, landed in police network for allegedly violating his two daughters aged nine and thirteen.

The perpetrator had been gathered for more than three years with his daughters after he divorced the mother of the girls who had moved to Rivers State.

Investigations revealed that Mr. Sunday believed he was in his late 40s, in his home in Ibesikpo he always had channel knowledge of his two daughters at the same time.

It was also revealed that if they make attempts to divulge the incident to anyone, the perpetrator had threatened his daughters with an idol (mbiam).

But when he found his thirteen-year-old daughter with another man who named himself as the boyfriend of the daughter and fled to his daughter’s caution, the illicit relationship was blown open.

Infuriated by the behavior of the mother, he beat the girl who later decided to reveal the immoral act of her husband.

Meanwhile, the nine-year-old who is also a survivor admitted to being in love with her dad and loving the act.

The perpetrator admitted to the crime, however, and said he wanted to test whether his penis still worked well.

“Because of some family issues, my wife left me a few years ago and moved to Rivers State. I was the only one to look after my sisters. I just want to check if my daughters are still working for my manhood, “he said.

SP Odiko MacDon, the state’s police spokesperson, told our correspondent that the case would be put before the trial.

The PPRO, which attributed the case to the level of moral decadence in society, called for attitudinal reorientation and urged people to report these dastardly actions to the police to perpetrators.

“All these acts were caused by moral bankruptcy. We need to take morality very seriously in society as people.

“We take the fight against rape, defilement and gender-based abuse seriously for us in Akwa Ibom State. Some of the suspects are in our custody, some are tried in court, some are under investigation and some are convicted by the jury, “Odiko said.



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