Sunday, April 5, 2020
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“I have slept with 130 men so far” – Nigerian lady cries out

Lady discovered her hubby was born without a penis after wedding

After discovering that her husband was born without a penis just after their wedding, a Nigerian lady was plunged into dismay. According to one Iadikwu,...
"I Started Growing Breasts At 7 years of age" Busty Nigerian Lady Shares Throwback Photos

“I Started Growing Breasts At 7 years of age” Busty Nigerian Lady Shares Throwback...

A beautiful young Facebook user from Nigeria, identified as Gloria E Okhani, opened up how she used to be deeply insecure about her body. At...

The end of time; the gay couple are trapped while they’re having sex

Gay couples have been trapped in each other while having sex in a Congo hotel. Watch video below

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